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invaluable insights without compromising guest privacy 

"The PRO & Enterprise versions of Paire will open the door to a wealth of anonymous hyper-granular data for any operator interested in knowing more about where, when & what else their guests are eating.”


Global Benchmarking

When our members privately rate a food & beverage outlets on Course® Restaurant Guide, we’re able to collect all of their other anonymous / non-identifying data and then aggregate it so that you can compare guest satisfaction with your outlet vs. their satisfaction with other outlets inside (or outside)  your particular concept, category, market or customer base...all without sacrificing their privacy.

Customized Profiles

As a Pro or Enterprise Member, you'll be able to control your own profile page instead of having it generated by web content aggregators. 

PRO & Enterprise Profiles Display Your:

Name & Phone 
Current Location (can be updated continually for mobile & off premise operators)
Distance from Member's Current Location
Directions / GPS Wayfinder Link
Cuisine Type & Keywords
Marquee for Messages / Specials Board
Approved Delivery Providers
Website, Menu Link and Up to 6 Additional Custom Links
Photos / Videos
Press / Articles

More Reliable & More Relevant Data

Anonymous feedback tends to be more honest feedback. As an Enterprise Member, you’ll not only have access to granular anonymous zero party data - you'll also be able to customize, share and print reports that are generated from agnostic sources. In other words, the data we collect is not dependent on guests using any one channel for making reservations, ordering delivery, paying or publicly reviewing. 

As a Paire Enterprise member, you'll also be able to compare your specific market's personal taste profiles with your establishment's current (or planned) offerings...i.e., you'll be able to see how many daytime guests love ginger, tofu and pizza when deciding whether or not to add that ginger baked tofu flatbread to your lunch menu.

Sample Enterprise Dashboard

Increased Guest Satisfaction

Everyone wants asses in seats - but no one wants to pull guests whose tastes aren't compatible with the offerings. The more restaurants and specific menu items our members privately rate, the better Paire will be at guiding those who love what you're doing directly to you.

Like you, we're in the business of making people happy and that begins with seeing each and every guest as a unique individual with unique tastes and preferences. That's why Paire Enterprise Members have the opportunity to populate their own Profile with: menus (or 3rd party menu APIs), profile information, keywords to facilitate better matching, preferred delivery methods (if applicable),  direct links and LTOs/promotional offers.... or have us do it all for you for an annual fee of $99.99. 

Paire is not a pay-to-play system which means - although we will enable outlets to showcase / update their specials at-will for a fee,  no one can buy: featured status, increased compatibility or highlight their listing on the network. Our number one goal is to maintain the integrity of the compatibility scores  so  we do our best to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

That being said, claiming your Enterprise account to ensure your data is optimized and up-to-date, will facilitate faster more reliable matches and more accurate guest data entries. Which means more guests who love what you do, can find you faster.

Revenue Per Available Seat

When it comes to measuring performance, restaurant owners and operators rely on internal benchmarks based on past performance, investor expectations and industry-wide reports. 

Most third party reports are based on data collected by companies selling: advertising, SEO, reservation software, hardware, POS interfaces and other merchant services. The data we collect is agnostic - meaning it's sourcing is not vendor, outlet or affiliate dependent. It's guest dependent.

Even information supplied to and by the U.S. Census Bureau may not always accurately define real-life guest behavior or actual revenue center performance (e.g., U.S. Census does not include sales from delivery, vending machines and food trucks as "restaurant sales"). And they don't always use the most relevant guest data or understand your local demographics as well as a hands-on operator like you does.  
A great example is the fact that most hotels benchmark their F&B sales via paid Skift-style reports (that are based on deep-diving research, surveys/interviews, analysis and forecasts) or by employing e-tools specifically designed for the lodging industry (like STR reports). But those barometers are only designed to measure on-property F&B sales and only compare them against the performance of F&B outlets at other lodging properties... which neglects the largest segment of actual and direct competition: off-premise outlets.

That's why we're creating an Enterprise model where restaurant owners and lodging operators alike can customize their own dashboard and more accurately define opportunities that exist with more customized (and relevant) benchmarking parameters.

“90% of hotel and home sharing guests find it appealing to receive a personalized service from the staff that is based on an understanding of their preferences and point them to relevant experiences or recommend excursions like where they might enjoy dining out.”
— Oracle Customer Engagement & Loyalty Statistics
“90% of hotel and home sharing guests find it appealing to receive a personalized service from the staff that is based on an understanding of their preferences and point them to relevant experiences or recommend excursions like where they might enjoy dining out.”
— Oracle 2018 Customer Engagement & Loyalty Statistics
Although existing verticals provide a great deal of insight, they don't focus on where their own guests are spending most of their time and money - i.e., off-property options which include a great number of: independent restaurants, food trucks, pop-ups, supermarkets, delis / convenience stores, etc... 

These are the outlets where guests not only spend their time and money but, more importantly, reveal more of their preferences due to the greater number of options available.

Mutually Aligned Goals: Making People Happy

"Independent restaurant operators have enough on their plate right now and, believe me when I tell you that , they'd much rather spend their time managing your experience than their online reputations."
Josh Sapienza | The Course Restaurant Guide
"As a 25+ year veteran of the restaurant industry, I know as well as anyone, that it's going to take years for most restaurant owners to pay back the debt and rebound from the deficits they've incurred during the pandemic. 

Paire® was designed to increase everyone's chances of discovering more restaurants they'll love...and in turn, encourage more people to frequent more restaurants than they ever have before.  


Hey Lodging Operators,
We're Talkin' To You Too!

Paire Enterprise level memberships not only promises to provide invaluable benchmarking metrics for Restaurant & Bars, we also offer our Lodging Partners additional exposure  by giving them the same type of profile page as food & beverage outlets along with placement on our map with a pin to indicate their property's proximity to restaurants & bars our members plan to visit next.

We understand that guests appreciate relevant and highly personalized amenities and that competing with national (or even international) chains with deep pockets and restaurants helmed by celebrity chefs can be daunting. That's why we're positioning Paire as an expansion of contactless services for limited service lodging operators who are focused on better serving today's food-loving lifestyle travelers.

*To learn more about strategic partnership opportunities, Contact Us Today!

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