eating with AI

 indulge your taste buds with the world's most personalized restaurant recommendations.

Our proprietary Machine Learning (ML) is a complex form of artificial intelligence that goes far beyond aggregating your social media content or filtering restaurants by cuisine type, popularity or price segment.

Paire continually analyzes and safeguards your detailed private restaurant ratings and answers to fun food quizzes to learn not only what you like but WHY you like it and WHEN you might want it.

The more you use Paire, the faster it learns your personal taste.

Instead of publishing or broadcasting your opinions, they're used to train the AI engine to recognize which restaurants and menu items are most compatible with your own unique personal taste and individual preferences.

Paire then generates data-driven compatibility scores and translates them into emojis that are superimposed on location pins to clearly communicate your own level of personal compatibility with every restaurant on the map.
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