P.A.I.R.E. Personal AI Recommendation Engine for Foodies

Data-Driven Personalized Restaurant Recommendations Powered by AI 

Paire: Personal AI Restaurant Recommendation Engine.


1. Take fun food quizzes.

2. Privately rate at least 20 restaurants (ones you like and ones you don't).

3. Go (or order delivery from) a few places you haven't tried & then privately rate them too. 

"paire is for people who are serious about food, love to travel and appreciate bespoke experiences."

Something For Everyone

paire creates a unique PersonalTaste Profile™ for each and every member based on their private restaurant ratings & answers to fun food quizzes. 

Our proprietary AI calculates the compatibility between your unique PersonalTaste Profile™️ and restaurants anywhere so that you can enjoy authentic unbiased recommendations everywhere.

Download paire today!

Restaurant Lists 

Turn the cluttered contents of your notes app into organized & interactive bucket lists with paire!

Our Spotify-like list making, sharing & following features make it easy for serious food-lovers like you to keep track of: 

• Restaurant Festival Participants 
• Hidden gems recommended by friends 
• Places & plates featured online & in print. 

Make a list of places to try. 
Make a list of your local favorites.
Share your lists with friends!
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