P.A.I.R.E. Personal AI Recommendation Engine for Foodies

AI dining recommendations 
based on your own PersonalTaste Profile™️

how it works

1. Take fun food quizzes.

2. Privately rate restaurants.

3. See your personal compatibility with restaurants & bars. 

"Paire is the free global restaurant guide for people who love food + travel."

bespoke food + travel

Paire creates a unique PersonalTaste Profile™ for each and every member based on their private restaurant ratings & answers to fun innovative food quizzes. 

Our proprietary AI then pairs you with the restaurants that match your own PersonalTaste Profile™️ saving you time & money by delivering more positive dining experiences wherever you go.

Download the Paire app for FREE now!

restaurant lists 

Paire also makes it easy to turn the cluttered contents of your notes app into organized & interactive bucket lists!

Our Spotify-like list making, sharing & following features make it easy for passionate food-lovers like you to keep track of: 
• Restaurant Festival Participants 
• Hidden gems you stumble upon
• Recommendations made by friends 
• Places & plates featured online & in print 

Make a list of places to try. 
Make a list of your local favorites.
Share your lists with friends!
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