June 14, 2020

Anyone working in the hospitality industry can tell you that once someone knows you work in a restaurant, bar or hotel (whether it’s a friend, family member, acquaintance or guest you’ve only just met); there’s a pretty good chance they’ll end up asking you to recommend "another great bar" or "your favorite restaurant" or "a good place to take my husband/wife for their birthday", etc...

Having worked in restaurants for over 20yrs, and done a fair bit of traveling, I’m often asked which restaurants I like or where I'd go if I was in a particular city.

But I've always said that asking me to recommend a great meal or "the best restaurant" in a particular city, is a lot like telling me you’re going out for ice cream and wanting me to recommend a flavor. What if I love Mint Chocolate Chip and you're more of a Rocky Road girl?

So, in the interest of wanting everyone to enjoy themselves as much as possible, I try to glean a little more about a person than where they'll be staying and what kind of food they're looking for. Before I make a recommendation, I ask questions like: “How do you typically like__________ prepared?", “What kind of scene are you looking for?”, “Where will you be staying and How far are you willing to travel from there?”, “What’s the occasion?”, “Who will you be with?”, “Where have you eaten before that you really liked?”, “Where have you eaten before and been really disappointed?”, “Do you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions?”, “What’s the worst place you’ve ever visited around here and what made it so unappealing to you?”, “What are some of your favorite restaurants... and why?”, “Are there any foods that you simply don’t like or wouldn’t even want to try?”, “What do you consider good service?”, “How much do you want to spend?”, “How willing are you to try something new?”... The list can go on and on... and, while it may sound tedious, the more information I gather about someone - the more reliable my recommendations usually are. 

So, with the help of an insanely talented software engineer and a creative multimedia artist who continually inspires me, I built an app to do just that: get to know you well enough to determine which restaurants are most compatible with your personal taste and individual preferences.

Working in the hospitality industry requires a commitment to providing warm, personal and engaging service. We found a way, through technology, to provide this particular personal service on a mass scale.

There's no right or wrong when it comes to personal taste. That's why our mantra, for so long, has been "When it comes to taste, no one's opinion matters more than yours."

It really doesn’t matter what I like unless, of course, you’re inviting me to come along...

The pre-release free version of COURSE® is now available to early adopters with ANDROID devices and later this Summer - in Apple's AppStore. 

As a beta tester, you can enjoy the limited access extension of the web app for free - and avoid the $1.99/month subscription fee.

So…for those of you with #Android devices - this is your chance to take the very first look at COURSE® !

Crack it open. Build a profile. Take some of the Taste Personality Quizzes. Walk through the private review process. Try out all of the exciting features that we'll be offering to the general public and let us know if there are any features you’d like to see added, tweaked or removed.

You can find this pre-release beta version of the COURSE® app in the Google Play Store right now by searching for: “Course by Hawser”.

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